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How to take up hobby electronics
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Newer chargers, such as this Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro have fast-charge capabilities and a small footprint.
How To Get Into Hobby RC: Soldering Battery Connectors
mike rankin on Twitter: "My hobby stuff is and will all be open source. This SAMD project is still in the works but the prev rev is here: ...
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Hobby RC: Analyzing LiPo Battery Discharge Rates
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What's Available for Repairs
30 Great Arduino Projects (You Can Make with a 3D Printer)
mike rankin on Twitter: "My hobby stuff is and will all be open source. This SAMD project is still in the works but the prev rev is here: ...
This is a hobby project by Martin Harizanov. A small Arduiono with usb and radio module. This is v3 of my “Funky” Arduino clone, specifically designed to be ...
Building wake-up light alarm
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Pen is pointing to the pins on the bottom of the Raspberry Pi
... Li-Ion cells (right) has high discharge capabilities that allow them to join LiPo (left), NIMH (middle) and NiCAD batteries for RC hobby use.
EAGLE Standard
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Initially I wanted to fit a small LiPo pouch in between the Zero and Pants board, but I ran into a few problems. I couldn't just go down to the local hobby ...
A product image of HyperPixel 4.0 - Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi
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Acquire, Repair and Sell Dysfunctional Electronics With Minimal Knowledge
I think Hackers don't shutdown their PC they are forced to rest. Its safe to turn off your PC. Shutdown HD Wallpaper"
I'm really interested in trying out some new hobbies like electronics hacking, but I'm not sure if it's worth the cost to get into it.
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If you're looking for any Xilinx FPGA parts or boards, don't
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A clamping dollhouse power centre next to a simple plug in board from China.
I could then see my two capacitors, both of which had indeed cracked open. I used a soldering iron to free them from the circuit board, levering gently with ...
12 y/o Leo didn't do anything fancy after opening up the box. He followed the manual and went straight into construction, detaching the plastic pieces as he ...
The General Overview: Japan vs. America
... stranded with a dead car battery is never a good time, and it's pretty commonplace for drivers to carry a set of jumper cables as a backup. If you don't ...
T-Con Board
Gundam Club
I happened to have a 2200Kv Mamba Monster system that I wasn't using, so I started my new project. Pictures will be added shortly.
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Some aspects of building balsa models can appear rather intimidating. But don't worry. It's all pretty easy once you break it down.
Amazon.com: Locker Designz Deluxe Magnetic Locker Wallpaper, Black Pinstripe: Home & Kitchen
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The only thing I _found_ was 10 bucks and probably a new hobby.
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Well I haven't been up to much but i'm doing what I can while still preparing all my stuff for the move. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more ...
An Instrument That Boops and Beeps
CIR-KIT ELECTRICAL - Hobby & Miniaturist's Lighting Cir-kit Plug (CK1004)
... Norton Secured - powered by Verisign
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Drone build Seriously Pro Racing F3 SPF3 Black Flight Controller on Soft Mounts
JP Hobby JPHESC100 100A High Voltage ESC JP Hobby
Picture of Gain Basic Electronics Knowledge
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Aluminum Hobby Wire
You're probably going to have to ignore the sticker.
Which EAGLE version is right for you?
I got all of the required components and attached them with wires to my breadboard and arduino. I didn't bother with the RS485 Communications section.
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These LiPo batteries from China Hobby Line have the same voltage and capacity, but significantly different maximum discharge rates.
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Generic Arduino UNO Kit for Robotic Projects
All small components are flowed - ~210C
Electronics Project Boxes 16 - ADBO Project Box for Arduino
I sell my collectible Tom Jones 8 track cartridge. (I didn't get much for it because although it's rare, it's not unusual!) With the money I manage to buy a ...
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Bluetooth Amplifier Digital Wireless TDA7492P 25W + 25W Audio
Getting started with the i3 tiling window manager
Multiplexer 16 Channel Digital/Analog Signal Breakout CD74HC4067
We didn't have "the internet" in the computer labs. It wasn't even really a thing yet. But all the computers were networked via AppleTalk.
How To Get Into Hobby RC: Driving Rock Crawlers
I don't have a calibrated pressure source so I can't prove the output is correct. The connections are as drawn above. Here is the photo of my breadboard ...
The smell was pretty strong and my wife wouldn't allow me to take them into the house.
The flight battery and electronics are housed in the X-Vert's belly.
I certainly can't hand solder XY type package!
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Combo Pack of 6 Motivational Wall Posters and Inspirational Quotes for Office and Home Photographic Paper
EAGLE Premium
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Electronics Project Boxes 3 - Accessibility Arduino Stack
PW Best harvey specter quotes Wall Poster 13*19 inches Matte Finish Paper Print (19 inch X 13 inch, Rolled)
My phone wallpaper is of a photograph of one of my Blythes, Primrose. It's been this image for a very long time now and I still don't feel a need to change ...
A Hobby Best Kept Small
Wall1ders Friends Quotes Paper Print (12 inch X 18 inch, Rolled)
Baby and child
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Drone Build Seriously Pro Racing F3 SPF3 Black Flight Controller Vertical